Cosmetic Surgery Discursive Essay

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Discursive Essay Melissa Sullivan

17 million cosmetic surgery procedures take place around the world every year. In 2009, 192,678 took place in the UK. 90% of all procedures are carried out on women. What are some of the procedures these women are having done? Breast enlargement (or augmentation) takes firsts place with 25%. Others include tummy tuck, neck and face lift and breast reduction. The question is though, are all these cosmetic surgeries really necessary? Is there any point to cosmetic surgery at all? And, is it doing more bad than good to the lives of the women that are having them done?
The dangers of cosmetic surgery are just of those of any other surgery, whether in a hospital or a clinic. However these dangers are sometimes overlooked or ignored by the women going under the knife and these can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences. Sometimes a client could be left with a botched job by the hand of a scalpel happy surgeon. But it may not be down to the surgeon. In March 2012, 47,000 women were believed to have non-medical grade silicone in their breast implants. The silicone in the pads were originally intended to be used in mattresses and could easily rupture, they were toxic and could cause swelling in the body. Many of the women had the implants removed before they became toxic but the expenses of getting this extra treatment left many in debt. But why get plastic surgery in the first place? Peer pressure, from the media or even social groups can make young girls feel that