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Evolutionary Perspective Paper
Team E
Lucilo Estrada, Gabriel Guimaraes, Travis Baas
February 19, 2013
Curtis Peterson

Evolutionary Perspective Paper
Before the Taliban was removed from power, rarely were girls allowed to attend school.Girls were not seen as people, but rather property. Recently, the will of the people advocated for change, and education for 13 young girls in Kandahar, Afghanistan became a greatdesire in spite of the danger to their lives. In a country that lives, breathes, and is willing to die for tradition, girls are considered unholy in the eyes of Taliban militants. All too often this makes these young girls trying to get an education targets for violence by these very same militants. Though fear is still a factor for the girls of Afghanistan the pursuit of their hopes and dreams to be educated remains stronger than the fear of violence for these brave girls.
The video that was chosen by Team “E” is titled “School Girls Attacks”, and the evolutionary perspective applies very well to this video. The video depicts life for the young girls struggling to attain an education in a war torn country plagued by violence. Change has come to that country in the form of outside intervention. Other more developed countries have brought their beliefs and values to the region.This change has come at a great expense to these young girls. The reward of this however, is the Afghani people to start to view girls in a different light. They now see girls as a person of value and not just a piece of property. The Taliban militants view this as intrusive and disrespectful to their values and beliefs. The militants have resorted to terror attacks on its own population to instill fear and dominance over them. In their eyes this will change the minds of the people and they can resume their position over them. These types of tactics are not new to the history of mankind or in the power struggle for change.
It is interesting to see the evolutionary perspective…