Evouloution through direct definition Essay

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Evolving through direct definition

Nicotine is an addictive drug, which when inhaled in cigarette smoke reaches the brain faster than drugs that enter the body intravenously. Smokers not only become physically addicted to nicotine, they also link smoking with many social activities, making smoking a difficult habit to break (CDC 2009).
I have always viewed myself as a strong willed individual. I have been able to overcome many of my own personal vices that were holding me back from succeeding personal goals. One major goal I have had in mind was quitting the use of cigarettes due to the health risks cigarettes have. I have learned they cause heart disease, cancer, asthma, and blindness. I did not want to become one of these statistics so I decided to try and quit.
During one of my yearly physicals I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This diagnosis should have given me more of a reason to discontinue the use of cigarettes after the health risks my physician had explained to me. He has explained that I’m at an increased risk for heart disease due to having diabetes also by smoking it steals oxygen from your blood which travels throughout your body for circulation and nutrients. And being diabetic you need good circulation or you may be at risk for amputation to certain limbs. Diabetic’s nerves and muscles are affected by high glucose a level which is why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
After the consultation with my physician I tried to quit smoking by taking a prescription medication and chewing nicotine gum. The attempt at quitting was not going well; I still had strong urges to smoke. All my friends smoked and had no regard when it came to when and where they would light up, as long as it was not in my house they smoked around me all the time. One day life’s stress just had gotten to me and I gave up and smoked a cigarette, which just started the snowball effect for me and I was back to a pack a day.
After continuing to smoke again and ignoring my physician’s advice I had developed a wheezing and cough due to my ignorance. I had to take a prescription inhaler twice a day to help improve my lung function. With this new health issue I developed and having diabetes and those extra dangers looming it is inevitable a change needed to be made. I quickly realized after the consultation I had with my physician and the negative impact smoking has had on my health at this point, I’m going to stand up and not wave the white flag.
I have a lot to live for, and changes needed to be imminent for me to have a healthier future. I’m not only living for myself but I’m also living for my particular others (Woods. 2013). My fiancé whom I’m building a life with and most important my children who need me here to guide and support them in any which way. My relationships are positive reinforcements for me to look back on when trying to defeat my temptations of smoking. Just having children is enough positive reinforcement for me, not only are they the greatest gift you can have but also it is a life long journey raising them.
By applying the four guidelines I have learned in improving myself concept I believe I’m going to have a greater success rate. By understanding the task at hand and knowing nothing can be done in a day, will give me a higher motivation to achieve my main goal. I believe I will have a higher chance with quitting smoking and in the end I will be a healthier me and my self-esteem will grow bigger.
The first step is, making a firm commitment to personal growth, if we want to change ourselves we have to invest energy and effort to bring about change (Woods, 2013). If I really want to accomplish this goal I must really dedicate myself and live up to my expectation of my personal goal. The second step, is to gain knowledge to support personal growth. I have to understand there may be small mountains I have to