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Step 1 1. Interview 2. Observation
By interviewing employees as a group I will be able to ask them as a whole group how they feel about working with Roanoke and what kind of problems that they have been having. I can also ask them if they are having problems with other employees. Also while asking the employees the questions that I have written down as problems within the company and questions on how the employees feel about things, I can also ask the employees what is their opinion on how do they think some of the problems that their having, how can they be solved and bring their ideas to the table as well as my own and come up with a conclusion to solve these problem to make it a better working environment for everyone.
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Employees are required to work long hours every day of the week without notice or compensation. So their being over worked without getting paid extra for the extra hours their working. Employees feel like they don’t have no say so in how they feel about this issue, they feel if they have to take time away from themselves and their family to work over that they should get paid for the extra hour that they put in. They also feel that they should have gotten a notice to let them know ahead of time that this would be taking affect with a date on it as well out of respect for the employees. Also the employers are not taking responsibility for employee’s morale. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to create an atmosphere that encourages high worker morale. These two underlining problems are caused by the increase in revenues as well as employer’s and employee’s not respecting one another.
Impact and Effects:
The biggest impact that Roanoke branch is having is that employees working long hours, and the effect that the employees are having is that their exhausted from working long hours several day a week. This also a has a big effect on the company as