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Rec 101
Exam #1

Notes from Lectures
The 3 Leisure Service Industries * Public * City of Waterloo Recreation + Leisure Services * Non-profit * YMCA, Girl Guides * Commercial * Amusement Parks, hotels, resorts

The Commercial Sector * Profit motive * Customer loyalty is important (repeat customers drive profits) * Purveyor of goods + services

Not-For-Profit Sector (NFP) * Social welfare orientation (helps others) * Serves specific groups/social causes * Private (not government or public) (NGO’s = Non-Government Organizations)

Public Sector * Serves the public good (makes services available for citizens) * Includes federal, states, and municipal governments

Core Area of Mission * Relates to the central social goals that proscribes the agency’s activities * Commercial businesses: Make money * NFP + Public: Help + serve people

Extant Mission * Relates to an agency’s entrepreneurial activities or Loss Leaders * Can be done to encourage specific people to come to your business (i.e. A fitness class offering a child care service to attract more women to the class) * Done to cover costs of services that DO fall under the core area of mission * I.e. Government (public sector) organizes a workout class for disabled people (core area of mission) (not many people in class = not making much money) so the charge for other things (incl. taxes) to make up for loss of profits.

Trends in how Canadians are Spending Their Time * Most people don’t volunteer but those who do seem to do a lot * Men have more leisure time than women * Work = 7.9 hours/day * Personal care = 10.6 hours/day * Free time = 5.5 hours/day

What kind of trends are we seeing in the way Canadians spend their time? * TV-watching is down to 2.5 hours per day * More people surf the internet rather than watching TV now * More use of social networking sites by public + therefore by businesses looking for a good place to advertise (“viral marketing” – on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, getting people to send links to other people) * There are fewer commercials b/c of fewer TV-watchers. * Zap-proof marketing: Can skip commercials now (PVR, etc.) so advertisers are using product placement, advertisements being embedded into shows (graphics, images in corner of screen, etc.)

Trend in Aging Population * Number of people aged 60+ is going to increase as baby-boomers get older * More older people than young * Struggle to fill jobs – not enough young people * Services will need to be adapted so older people can participate * Huge field in leisure (retirees have no idea what to do with all their sudden free time)

Trends in Immigration * Canadian population has grown more from immigrants than from natural increase * Canadian families are having less children * Recreation will need to be more culturally sensitive * Different languages when explaining recreation activities * Faith-based traditions * Women-only gyms, since some cultures have rules against women working out with men/some women may not feel comfortable being w/ men * More inclusive for all cultures, languages, religions * Immigrants replenish the workforce * Mid-sized cities will soon be fighting for immigrants to come to them instead of the bigger cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) * Rec. + Leisure will attract immigrants to these mid-sized cities

Family Composition * Fewer “traditional” families (2 parents, 2 kids) * More common-law unions (less marriage) * Size of households has dropped, more people living alone * Rec + Leisure: Takeout food, Match.com, pornography use instead of real relationships + families * Families having less kids, having them later (could be b/c women are more career-oriented now) * More lone-parent household * Rec +