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Sample questions for Exam 1

Which of the following structures can perform all the activities required for life?
B) cells
C) organelles
D) nuclei

What does adaptation mean in a biological context?
A) the way an individual's body adjusts to its environment
B) the accumulation of favorable variations in a population over time
C) the ability of organisms to alter their appearance under changing environmental conditions

You try to start your car, but it does not start. Which of these is a hypothesis?
A) My car's battery is dead.
B) If I recharge the battery, then my car will start.
C) My car is too old to function properly.
D) What is wrong with my car?

Which of the following are the components of the scientific method shown in the proper order?
A) application, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, conclusion,
B) question, observation, experiment, analysis, prediction
C) observation, question, hypothesis, prediction, experiment

Which of the following is NOT an example of an element?
A) Water
B) Carbon
C) Nitrogen
D) Phosphorous

Which type of bond is formed between oppositely charged ions?
A) ionic
B) polar
C) hydrogen
D) covalent

Sulfur has an atomic number of 16. How many covalent bonds can sulfur form?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4
D) 0

Zinc's atomic mass is 65 and its atomic number is 30. How many neutrons are found in a zinc atom?
A) 30
B) 65
C) 35
D) 95

An atom with an electrical charge is a(n):
A) isotope
B) molecule
C) ion
D) compound

Based on the reaction illustrated below, what kind of molecule is lactose? galactose + glucose → lactose + water
A) nucleic acid
B) fatty acid
C) disaccharide
D) dipeptide

Which of the following is hydrophobic?
A) carbohydrate
B) steroid
C) disaccharide
D) starch
How does RNA differ from DNA?
A) RNA is double-stranded; DNA is single-stranded.
B) RNA is a polymer of amino acids; DNA is a polymer of nucleotides.
C) RNA contains uracil; DNA contains thymine.
D) In RNA G pairs with T; in DNA G pairs with C.

A fat that is hydrogenated is:
A) more unsaturated
B) easier to digest
C) more solid
D) less likely to cause strokes

What does the figure below illustrate?

A) a single strand of RNA
B) double-stranded RNA
C) a single strand of DNA
D) double-stranded DNA

You find a cell of a type you have never seen before. The cell has both a nucleus and a cell wall. Therefore, you conclude that it must what type of