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Marketing 3740 Advertising and Promotion
Exam 2 Study Guide
Fall 2013

Following are topics and concepts that relate to the questions on Exam 2 . Use this as a guide to focus your study for the Exam, but don’t limit it to these concepts only, and make sure that you read and study the complete concept.
There are 50 multiple choice questions ( 2 points ea = 100 points available) on this Exam, and you will be using a scan sheet to record your answers. Exam 2 will be given in-class only on the specified date on your schedule. It will be the only class activity that day.

Concept (page number(s) reference, approximate)
Elizabeth Hirschman study (p.261)
Taking creative risks/successful advertising agencies (p.266)
Steps of the creative process (p.269)
Account Planning (p.270)
Product/service specific preplanning inputs (p.271)
Ethnographic Research (p.273)
Various stages of the creative process (p.274)
Campaign themes (p.275)
Major selling ideas/ big idea (p.281)
Various types of appeals (p.293)
Feature appeals (p.294)
Competitive advantage appeal (p.294)
Emotional appeals (p.296)
Endorsements (p.304)
Personality symbols ( p.305)
Storyboards (p.319)
Survey of Buying Power Index (p.338)
CDI/BDI (p.341)
Waste coverage ( p.342)
Reach/Frequency (p.345)
Duplicated Reach ( p.347)
GRP = reach x frequency (p.347)
Average Frequency (p.350)
Cost per thousand (p.353)
Zapping/zipping (p.370)
Advantages/disadvantages of television (p.372)