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D&D exam

1) The Laurel Hill cemetery which is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania evokes this notion by the exclusiveness of who was buried there. Families were buried together to signify heaven as a home. The monuments were made of quality materials such as marble for a more rich display. The cemetery is always plush with flowers and plants and is dubbed the second major rural cemetery. 2) The character I most identify with in the film is the knight, Antonius Block. After his long 10 year fight in the crusades, he is unsure of his beliefs after fighting for so song for a cause. Even though he knows his noble deeds are important he questions them. i can relate to the knights feelings in this movie because doubt is in everything we do and it can make us strong.

3) Soldiers who were killed in action would be buried in mass graves due to the negligence of the deceased. Their bodies would not receive any special attention neither would they be able to be identified individually. The higher ranking officers would have a grave dug for them and a ceremony performed. Higher ranked officers would also receive markers on their graves.

4) I would like my body to be cremated. The reason why I would like my body to be cremated is because there would not be enough space on Earth for a long time for bodies to be buried. Coming from a Hindu perspective it will be easier for the soul to travel to the next destination if the body is destroyed. I believe that my soul has to be reincarnated so destroying my dead body will allow this to happen.

5) The scene of the self-flagellating pilgrims in Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, the girl that was burned played an important role on projecting fear to the rest of the pilgrims. The leader of the church, including the clergy, took into their own hands and burned the little girl to death because she was their scapegoat. Everyone in the pilgrimage was dying but instead of letting God make the decision on when it should happen the religious figures used their power and wanted to take the place of god. The religious figures placed fear in other’s eyes to make themselves look superior and powerful from the others.

6) The form of yoga that best fits me is raja yoga. I like the concept of reaching liberation, in other words, recognizing Brahman which is the main goal of all hindus. I like to do most things that will bring me closer to a certain goal so i can relate to this form of yoga. I also like the eight limbs of raja that requires a clear mind and focus.

7) After a Hindu dies, he is in the wheel of cycle of birth and rebirth which is called reincarnation. However to end this cycle of reincarnation one needs to reach Moksha. In other words, one needs to recognize Brahman. To recognize Brahman a Hindu’s jiva needs to ignore Maya which is an illusion that Brahman plays to distract you from recognizing him.

8) Praying, devotion, rituals and offerings are ways afro Caribbean practice interact with Gods. Praying to the Gods, Santos for Cubans and Bondaye for Haitians. Rituals and offerings go hand in hand whereas in the vodou ceremonies animals are sacrificed and offered to the gods. Devotion to a specific Iwa in vodou is shown by drawing their specific image on the ground which is known as ‘veve’.
Impermanence is an inescapable reality of never obtaining anything for free. Buddhist believe every thing desired has to be balanced by effort to obtain it and it is never permanently yours. Buddhism teaches that there is no self or soul, only five impermanence make up beings, this is called Khandas. Theravada also sets this notion of impermanence in place because once a buddhist reaches enlightenment they become a bodhisattva to help others reach enlightenment. The Four Noble Truths that all buddhist follow is also a perfect example describing the notion of impermanence, they are as followed; all life is marked by suffering, suffering is caused by desire,