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(MC Questions)
Fall 2012 Exam One:

What acronym describes an automatic warehouse? b. AS/RS

What acronym represents the practice of suppliers controlling the inventory of your own facility? a. VMI

Which of the following is a test used to examine the points in a control chart to see if nonrandom variation is present? A. Run Test

What is the upper control limit for a c-chart if the AVERAGE number of defects found over 320 samples is equal to 16? F. 28

Suppose that record the high temperature everyday, and you wish to monitor the variability in weekly high temperature (7 days per week) over time. Which control chart would be appropriate? E. R chart

Suppose that the exchange rate between the US and Japan is 1$/ 200 Y. if Japanese wages are 4000y/hour and the U.S. worker can produce 2.5 times as many units per hour as a Japanese worker (due to advanced equipment at the U.S. plant), what is the “relative” Japanese wage rate in dollars per hour after accounting for productivity differences? A. $ 50

Which of the following is true with respect to a job shop vs. a continuous process? C. Higher worker discretion and lower capacity utilization - More vertical integration and higher capital investment

Tends to have:
Less formal quality control and more general-purpose equipment
Less formal supplier tie and lower capacity utilization
Less likely to schedule one year ahead and less likely to use control charts

More training and more complex daily scheduling

Consider a machine with normally distributed output. It has natural process variability of o= 12 gallons. The process center has been fixed at 150 gallons. The upper spec limit is 181 gallons, and the lower spec limit is 100 gallons. Output that is too high costs $30 to fix, while output that is too low costs $26 to fix. If 100,000 products will be produced this month, what is the expected fixing cost? D. $ 14,700

In the scene from “ I Love Lucky” seen in class, all of the following were apparent in the process except” E. Shortage of raw materials

Which option for capacity increase comes with a high level of disaster risk? E. A and C (on-site expansion an relocation)

Which of the following companies has won the Malcolm Baldrige Award twice? B. Sunny Fresh Foods

Extra Credit:

Captain Cook made three trips around the world and died during one of them. Which one? The 3rd time because that was the last go around.

Fall 2013 Exam One:

Which of the following is NOT one of the six key concepts of Total Quality Management? C. Reducing the cost quality through all phases of production

Which of the following awards/certifications focuses strictly on environmental standards and regulations? B. ISO 14000 Certification

What theorem is the theoretical foundation for x (bar) charts? This theorem states that regardless of the distribution of the population, the distribution of the sample mean will tend to follow a normal curve as the number of samples increase. E. Central Limit Theorem

You recently read a study hat stated the average secretary makes 16 mistakes per week when typing official documents. As a perfectionist you want your secretary to be at least 3 standard deviations below the average. If you wanted to track his/her progress over time, what would be the maximum number of mistakes per week that you would allow? D. 4

Who was the first operations pioneer to use division of labor on a massive scale? A. Henry Ford What is the name for the hybrid of Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order manufacturing strategies? This strategy makes some subassemblies based on forecasts while the final assembly is not completed until the customer order comes in. B. Assemble-to-Order

Which of the following is a way to handle exchange rate risk by having excess capacity in multiple countries? D. Operational hedging

Currently the product has a reliability of 75% and it costs the company $500 every time one of the products fails. You are considering