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Exam question
“All drugs should be legal” Do you agree or disagree? Why? Refer to religious teachings in your answer.

Agree Humans have freedom of choice of freewill Rastafarians believe cannabis is a natural product put on earth by God so this means that they think all drugs should be legal. Brings higher spiritual awareness. Illegal drugs currently criminalises a lot of people and wastes police and court time. I think drugs should be legalized because some people get really stressed and some drugs relieve that stress. Drugs also relieve pain, so some drugs if they are legalized could be used for medical purposes. So in my opinion drugs should be legalized as long as they are in an area that is suitable, and where they cannot harm others. People, who disagree, just take a look at the people who smoke tobacco. Tobacco is if not a more harmful drug than a drug such as marijuana. Tobacco can't even be used for medical uses. Therefore drugs should be legalized. First, there is the crime involved with drugs. If drugs were legalized, then many of those crimes would decrease. Because drugs are so expensive on the black market, people have to shell out a ton of money for a small amount of substance. If drugs were legalized then the prices would decrease drastically and people wouldn't have to take such extreme measures to get their fix. Also, since it is illegal, when there is an issue involving drugs it cannot be taken up with the law. Legalizing drugs would give people that opportunity, rather than them feeling like violence is the only way they can solve it.

Second, there is the black market. If drugs are legalized, they will become easily available to everyone, eliminating the need for a black market. The cartels and gangs will fall apart. They will be forced to create companies or quit, and if they create companies they will have to answer to the law. There won't be fights over territory any more, reducing violence by a large percentage.

Third, there is the issue of prison overcrowding. If you took away all of the people put in prison for simply owning or selling drugs, that puts the prisons at just over maximum, rather than way over. Then, if you consider that on average 40% of other crimes are drug related, it reduces the criminals in prison to comfortably below the maximum. Our tax dollars can then be spent on other more important issues than on trying to keep people