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August 29, 2013

Dear ________ , Hi, my name is _________. I am fourteen years old turning fifteen on November twelve. I am born in Laconia, New Hampshire, i lived there since i was ten, then i moved to Florida and then I moved to Texas and came to Massachusetts. I am Laos and Thai, my mom is half Thai and Laos, and my Dad is fully Laos. I have one younger brother and one older sister,which makes me the middle child, we all live in different states. My brother lives in Florida with my dad, my sister lives in Texas with my mom and I live here with my aunt, uncle and my twin cousins.

My favorite hobbies are to play games, do sports, and hang out with my friends and family. A type of sport I want to do this school year is softball, because I feel that I'm a good catcher and thrower. If I do start playing softball, I will be a beginner at this sport. When I have alone time I usually listen to music or play my favorite video game which is Black Ops 2 or Fruit Ninja on PS3. In school my favorite subject is Math, and Science because I think math is really helpful and fun, and science is just really fun and has interesting facts to know. My least favorite subject is history because I am not good at remembering important events that happened in the past. I can try to remember the little details of history but not the whole topic.

The times when I'm not in history class or any class I usually hang out with my friends, talk with my friends, play games, exercise, listen to music and spend quality time