Example Of A Personal Narrative Essay On Lifeguard

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On Guard Evening was approaching as I began the last rotation of my lifeguarding shift at the YMCA for the day. So far, my shift had been routine and uneventful. It had started as a hot muggy day with a buzz of constant chatter from patrons. Families were gathered enjoying the last freedom from schedules as the final weekend of summer was drawing to a close. Laughter, conversation and occasional shouts filled the air. One extended family lingered on the edge of the pool, some members in the water, others out. The four children in the group jumped excitedly in and out of the water freely as the adults conversed. The youngest of the group squealed and jumped wide-eyed, requiring assistance to the side each time. The lifeguard watched with an increasingly vigilant eye on the situation and reminded the adults to monitor the child, fearing that his lack of swimming ability and inattentive adults may lead to safety issues. I was keenly aware of this situation as I continued to scan my zone which overlapped the frolicking children. In a flash, four children became three and the squealing stopped. The young child was out of my peripheral sight in the water or land. Scanning quickly, I blew my whistle three times to clear the pool, with an ominous feeling in my gut. Adrenaline pumped rapidly through my body and instinct and training …show more content…
As I assume greater accountability in my daily life, I am aware of my increasing independence with time management, problem solving and communication skills. I have the confidence in my ability to collaborate with others utilizing these skills as I continue to mature. My job as a lifeguard at the YMCA was a catalyst that allowed me an opportunity to put knowledge, life lessons and skills into practice as I journey from childhood to