Example: Project Management and J. P. Morgan Chase Essay

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Haidar Alhashem
CIS 320
Friday 30 January, 2015

Project management: is a systematic, process or application of knowledge that directs and plans the project from it’s beginning to the end. Good project management helps in achieving the goals and objectives. PM plays an essential role in meeting the requirements of project. PM goes through five stages, which are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. In addition, there are many certifications related to project management. For example, PMP, CAPM, and PGPM. The PMI (Project Management Institute) website is designed simply and efficiently to meet the requirements of a typical website. There is plenty of information, which needed by PM certifications seekers. It also provides videos of PM awarded people. The content of this site is very sufficient. It contains icons about certifications, memberships, events, learning, and other things in its homepage, which make it easier for PM certificate of knowledge seeker to find what he or she is looking for. In addition, this website can be translated to different languages which make it convenient and understandable for international users. Schwalbe Healthcare Project Management Videoed website: is a good channel in YouTube that provides a lot of videos that explain, discuss the issue of healthcare problems. This website is concerned with the healthcare PM only. This website does not provide different learning materials. It depends on videos only.
IPMA (International Project Management Association) website gives a good view over IPMA practitioners, stakeholders and educators and trainers. It also presents some success stories related to PM. The colors and the style of the tool bar are not easy or clear to use.
The APMG (Association for Project Management) website is well organized and colorful. It is supported with different text sizes and languages. It provides public exams and online exams. The icons in the toolbar are very close to each other, which may confuse the navigator.
ASAPM (American Society for Advanced Project Management) website: I did not like this website. Although it gives plenty information and resources, it is not well organized. The links in this website are very crowded. The site uses a lot of links.
AIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management) website is a very organized and colorful one. It meets its purpose sufficiently. It gives examples of awards, videos, news, and resources. On the other hand, it uses big icons, which might not seem professional.
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