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Question 1

To: President From: Mohammad Islam
Date: January 1, 2015 Subject: Advisory committee to provide assistance and guidance to development of new system. I am writing this memo to present my opinion to create an advisory committee as per you request to develop new integrated system for our company. User involvement is playing a more and more important role in the system development. Meaningful user involvement in systems development and an overall user orientation is critical to the success of any development project.
During the study and design phases, system developers need to find out the existing problems and identify the requirements for the new system. Because we are in the process of developing new system, most developers aren’t familiar with the new system requirements, they can’t have a deep understanding of the system environment. Consequently if they want to understand the current system requirement, a good way is to communicate with the end-users of the current system. User involvement helps system developers identify the current problems that might be neglected because lack of environment understanding. Especially end-users are familiar with the environment where they are working. System developers can get the useful information from users. If there is a communication gap between the user and systems professionals, it is possible for users to complain that the delivered system doesn’t fit with their requirements although they believe that product is appropriate. And notably departmental needs can best be articulated by people from within those departments. Besides that cost benefit analysis needs to done for each depart before undertaken any initiative. Users and managers from finance to marketing to human resources need to be consulted, and their input must be included in the planning process Therefore, developing new system needs to involve a range of stakeholders from around the firm such as IS staff, users, and managers. Users involved into the whole development process are curtail to successfully develop and implement new system. However, it might not be possible or practical to involve all the end user and IT staff in the process of develop new system.
In addition to that senior management plays a vital role in the planning process by providing proper guidance to the broad strategic direction, support to the planning effort and provide necessary capital to develop new system. Also, planning for the future takes time away from the pressures of current work. Therefore, without senior management commitment to the planning process, it is likely that insufficient attention will be given to the process by other stakeholders. A primary rule to success any project largely depends on the commitment of top management and developing new system is not different than any other project.
Based on the above fact, I am proposing flowing name for the Advisory committee.
1. Mark Anthony (President & Boar of Director)
2. Mohammad Islam(IT Manager)
3. Zubair Rahman ( Marketing Manager)
4. William Thomas ( Human Resource Manager)
5. Nibarun Dash ( Controller)

Do you have question or concern feel free to contact with me

Mohammad Islam

Question 2

Executive Summary: Over the years many companies trying to deliver higher business performance by empathising IT have focused on alignment and find them self in “Alignment trap”. Alignment trap occurs when aligning IT with each individual department rather than the business as a whole, and the ultimate result spending large amounts of resources towards being highly aligned and not realizing the importance of being effective as well. Companies that are in alignment trap finding that their performance is either declining or moving sideways, focusing on the wrong solutions with respect to their IT issues. Alignment of the core business is a good thing, but to what extent should one go to achieve this. To avoid the alignment trap,