Examples Of BRAVE Framework

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BRAVE Framework

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From The New Leader’s 100-Day Acton Plan

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BRAVE Culture Assessment- Tool 5.2b

From The New Leader’s 100-Day Acton Plan, Bradt, Check, Pedraza, (Wiley, 2011)

ACTIONS: Observe whether people have a bias to act more on their own as individuals or as a team.
DECISION MAKING: Observe whether bosses make decisions and tell subordinates what to do or tend towards more team-based collaborative co-creation and consultation.
CONTROL POINTS: Observe whether the business is managed in writing systemically or more verbally and face-to-face.
Other notable practices: Note any other notable practices that give you clues as to “The way things are done around here.” Relationships
COMMUNICATION: The scale here goes from more formal to less formal modes and manners.
INTELLECTUAL DEBATE: Look to the difference between surface-level, polite conversations and more in-depth probing, discussion, and debate. CONFLICT: Determine if people have a bias to avoid conflict because it is destructive or welcome it as a constructive way to move ideas forward.
Observations RE: use of Credit and Blame, and so on
BUY-IN TO PURPOSE: Dig into the level of commitment to the organization’s purpose.
IDENTITY: Probe where people fall on the scale of identifying with themselves, their sub-group, their group/division or the organization as a whole— – one-team.
POWER: An organization’s attitude to power is closely related to the way it makes decisions. Whether power is institutional, personal, or