Examples Of Being Human Is To Experience Conflict

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To be Human is to Experience Conflicts
There are plenty of interpretations that could describe the concept of conflict. One of them defines conflict as a lack of agreement between two or more parties. Each side of a party is doing everything possible to convince others of their point of view whilst also preventing the others from doing the same. There are several similarities and differences in the ways humans have experience a conflict. There are some examples that support the idea of being human is to experience conflicts. The first similarities are shown on the picture ‘Tug of War’. This image represents how conflicts are a ubiquitous part of our existence. Most of the time, life includes various situations where some people prefer to impose their own opinion on others. However, as most of them are defiant, they do not desire to accept their belief which leads to increase aggression in a situation. That being said, they are not able to have compromises between one another. Therefore, the picture is trying to convey the meaning that confronting conflicts is a natural phenomenon. More importantly, compromises make you a stronger person because, based on your entire experience of life, you will know now where to make use of insistence. The second similarity is shown on the picture ‘In Flanders field’. This shows that people, instead of ascertaining concerns through peace, gave preference to solve a conflict through violence and fierceness. In fact, the picture proposes that this war is a tragic method of resolving conflict. Each situation has a peaceful way of resolving concerns that make us more human. Basically, people learn from their mistakes and that makes them wise in all aspects.
There are several examples that support the argument against conflict being of benefit. The first difference is approached in a quote by T. Miriam: “Don’t worry about those who put you down because most likely they have more problems than you do”. This shows that if somebody puts you down or insults you, you should not give any importance to whatever people say because they could be envious of your