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LaShanae’ Honor
Dr. Taylor
Biology 104-01
May 18, 2011


My name is LaShanae’ Honor. I am currently a Freshman. I reside in Luling, Louisiana where I have been for my entire life time. My major is Animal Science. I will be working in the Agriculture Department for most of my hands on work. I also plan on making a career out of it and becoming a Veterinary Technician or maybe even a Veterinarian if things go the way that I have planned them to go. I enjoy working with animals a whole lot, that is really a reason why I chose this as my major. I plan to work with larger animals like cows and horses as my specialty. Something else that I think you should know about me is that I love doing hands on work and activities. Using my hands helps me better explain and discus other thing in to what I am explaining. If you may need to contact me, I am most reachable on my cell phone which is. The things that I hope to get out of Biology 104 is a good understanding of life and its functions. Understand that would help me better know what I am dealing with as a biology student. In addition, I would like to enhance my understanding of the cells and cell system. By doing that, I will become more familiar with what I am supposed to be looking for when I am put in a situation or even when I receive a job and have to perform a task. In order to do my job, I must understand everything that the body and the system does. In this course I hope to earn at least an A or B, but I know that I will