Examples Of Childhood Memories Essay

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Crystal Hudnall
Jena Hawk
English Composition 1
15 February 2013

My childhood memories are mainly just bits and pieces. My memories are the only things that stay constant. I can pull them out like an old book and retrieve them while the world around me changes so rapidly. My favorite and most vivid memories are the summers of my childhood up until I was 10 years of age.
During the summer I would spend most of the day at my grandmother’s house while my parents worked. Those summers is where I met my two best friends, Michelle and Mitch. Michelle was four years older than me and was an only child and immediately claimed me to be her little sister. Mitch was two years older than me and always told me I was the sister he always wanted. He soon got a brother the same year I got my sister and brother.
The six of us spent so much time together Michelle, Mitch and I were always together either in the pool, watching our favorite TV shows over and over playing cards or just doing whatever. Though we all had different personalities we had so much chemistry. We woould help each other out with anything we needed help with. Would help each others do chores. We were mainly like blood brothers and sisters.
I was the wild, spontaneous, just all over crazy one who always wanted to just do something at the tip of a hat. Chris was sneaky and sly, my partner in crime. He was smarter than me so he always knew what to do and always had a plan. He never tried to fool me though like you think an older brother would do to a younger sister, but he always helped me and taught me and was very patient. Chris who was the oldest, was the one with common sense, innocent, timid and afraid to take risks no matter how small. We all balanced each other out perfectly. Chris kept us from doing anything completely stupid. Mitch always made sure there was a set plan so that there was no way to get caught.
I guess because of the age difference Michelle was the first to start getting distand and going off on her own. So I started to become even closer to Mitch. I would still see Michelle at birthday parties etc. Things began to changed and we never got together as a group anymore. It was either me and Mitch or me and Michelle, which was very difficult for me, because I was so used to being all three of us, instead of just two, but eventually I got used to it.
The bond between Mitch and I grew stronger as we spent more time together as we spent more time together. We would spend hot afternoons at my house watching moviews or playing board games. Even though we