Examples Of Cipd Human Resource Practices

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Cipd human resource practices level 1

We agreed action plan to address the procedures the we invoked when a performance issue occurred I offer a range of support services to my staff if they are having difficulty completing a task
I can arrange to send training a course to improve their skills
I can arrange to change their hours or shifts so that it is more convenient for the staff for example the staff that worked in the customer service area was coming in late and so we arranged to give him more flexible hours so that he can come in one late and go home one hour late .As a result of this he was less pressured to get into work on time
In order for me to ensure that the outcome from the disciplinary action plan a achieved the goals in the action plan must be achievable, the targets set out in the action plan must be realistic and measurable for example the driver in action plan to set realistic and measurable target would be ask him to deliver food to a customer 3 miles away in 10 minutes disciplinary procedures may be invoked when an employee commits type of misconduct there are tow main type of misconduct minor misconduct for example not adhering to the company dress code then the more serious type which is gross misconduct for example theft/fraud grievance procedures may be invoked when an employee has treated an employee unfairly the two must common causes of grievance procedures being invoked are firstly change to the schedule of employee without consultation or agreement for example reduction in lunch breaks ,rotas or change in holidays arrangements. Secondly opportunities being offered over the head of the employee who thought they should have been given an opportunities to apply for example a promotion training

cipd human resources level 3

Mediterranean restaurant is a place of snacks and light meals is based on the provision of direct services with customer or by connecting applications to homes and businesses and shops staffed by group of workers and managers believe the progress of the job system and smooth to provide the best services to the customer
The goals of the businesses is to cover the existing when the region and provide the best tools projects so superior to other restaurants and complete in the same field and objectives as well as open etcetera restaurant until it starts to spread and achieve more fame earnings largest number of workers greater reliance on sources in terms of machinery ,maintenance and bakery own and his factories to prepare the vegetables and meat and than spread larger

cipd human resource level 3
I had an informal meeting with the staff in the food preparation area that was making pizza very slowly in this meeting
Rotate the staff so that one of the experience staff on a quite day to work with the staff that making pizza slowly so that staff don’t need to be sent on training courses and they can learn form each other .this will enable the experienced staff to keep his eye on him and to monitor his performance for a period of time .with the experienced staff and the staff making pizza very slowly work together this will result in the staff learning where all of the toppings are located in fridge by heart so that he can be quicker and also learning what toppings a pizza requires without having to consult the menu .Also I rotated the staff so that the driver who was always late worked together with an experienced driver this will result in the driver learning more about the area so that he dose not need to consult the map when going on deliveries to regular customer
Counseling help the businesses create close working relationship with individual team member especially if this sup;port is forthcoming when team members most need it
Counseling the member of staff in the customer service area was coming in late and was main g many mistake .i arranged to have a confidential meeting with him so that I can listen to any problems the he may have that