Examples Of Coach Stearns Praise Speech

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Coach Stearns Praise Speech

"You guys aren't even supposed to be in States. You're playing with house money, so go out there and just play the game." These were the words said to us by our head coach before our State playoff game against Newtown my junior year. After hearing these words, our team was unmotivated to play for our coach. He gave up on us in our time of need. Our coach is supposed to be the one person who believes in his players through thick and thin, and shouldn't be emotionless before a game.

I contemplated quitting during the offseason, and realized that I would have been contempt with ending my playing career with a blowout loss, since the next season didn't look too bright. But before the season started, our coach was fired, and
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During our first game, our coach took the defenseman out befor the game, and explained to us how since the glass was extremely short, we could chip the puck off the glass, and have it die right in the middle of the ice, the perfect outlet pass. I shrugged his idea away at first, thinking that what he didn't know what he was talking about and trying to impress us since he was stressed. We found ourselves down 3-0 at the start of the third period, and during that time I knew that Coach Stearns was content on winning. Our old coach would have thrown in the freshman and considered it to be a loss, but you kept in the starters in and were focused on beating this FCIAC team and making a statement. We were able to tie the game up, and with 18 seconds left, I had the puck on my stick, and remembered my coach's words of wisdom. I chipped the puck off the glass, and saw it land right on Charlie Berry's stick, and pass it to his brother, Billy, who one-timed it over the blocker of the goalie. It was the happiest moment of my career, we stole a win from Stamford, and made a statement in our first game of the