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I am going to write a statement about how I communicate in my job.
People communicate to give instructions, to share experience’s, to share opinions, to praise the residents, to ask questions, to express feelings, to socialize, to share ideas and information. Individuals communicate to talk about their needs and preferences and to make sure they are met. As a carer I discuss the options and the choices available to the resident to allow them and informed choice regards to their needs. In one to one communication the person listening may not always show verbally if they have understood or agree with the topic I am talking about. Noticing body language helps the speaker if the other person understands/agrees. Body language is instinctive and more reliable than verbal communication in many ways.
Some residents have communication difficulties, people with dementia or people who are unable to speak. It is important to recognize that people are individuals and shouldn’t be treated the same. Every resident will communicate with me in a different way. In my job I need to know what is important for each of the residents including very simple things such as what they would like to be called. There are lots of different communication methods for example: Verbal by speaking clearly so the residents can understand me. Being polite for example please and thank you. I think it is important to listen to what the resident has to say. To stay calm at all times this helps the residents understand me much better. Body languages for example eye contact, this is very important because it shows that I am paying attention to what they are saying. This helps build trust with the residents. It is important to not stand with my arms crossed as this comes across as negative body language.
I am now going to identify barriers to communicate: stress, strong Accents, emotions, culture, health issues, background noise, and religion. It is important to not use slang that the resident is not aware with. To choose an