Examples Of Complaint Letter On Traffic Violation

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Dear Honorable Judge, I am writing this letter to you today as I have received my very first traffic violation. I was on my way from Seattle, WA to pick up a movie from Plaza Cinema 3, Oak Harbor, WA going to Lee Theater in Ephrata, WA. I was picking up a movie for DHL, and I was told to pick up a movie before 10pm closing time. I was delayed on I-5 because of an accident that happened that night.
On State Route 20, I got pulled over by a patrolman, and I was told that I was going 62mph on a 50 mph zone. I was given a ticket for speeding, but before that there was a car in front of me that was going slow and the post sign was 55mph. The street was one lane at that time, and the vehicle was going below 50mph. When there was a clear view to pass the vehicle, I had to speed up to pass the vehicle going around 60mph. a few seconds later; I was stopped by the patrolman saying I was going 62mph in 50 mph zone. About a block, there was a post sign saying 50mph after I got the ticket. I was late 15 minutes after closing time and I had to call one of the employees to come back. Likely, he was just around the corner to come give me the movie because the theater was closed.

The movie was supposed to be delivered at 3am the same night at Lee Theater in Ephrata, WA. I truly apologize and take full responsibility for my actions; however, the ticket states that I was going 62mph in 50mph