Examples Of Conformity

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Anthony Camacho
Dr. Stephanie Bell
Chapter 11 Application Assignment
Chapter 11 Application Assignment A Cult is a group that teaches and goes by believing in something. There are plenty of individuals walking around this world clueless in what they believe in or how they feel on certain subjects. So it is easy for those certain individuals to often believe in what the people they hang around with believe in. This is when deindividuation occurs in a person. Deindividuation occurs when people are not self-aware and therefore are not paying attention to their personal standards (1). When this happens to a certain person, they are influenced on everything that the people they associate themselves with believe in .That is when Conformity in our behaviors begin. Conformity is altering our behaviors or opinions to match those of others or to match what is expected of us (1). There has always been a saying, the people you hang out with tell the person you are. Majority of the time that is a correct statement. If we associate ourselves with people who often are racist to a certain race or have a negative attitude towards a certain race, we too will have that same attitude and negative feelings towards that race. That is not the only example of conformity. Gangs are started off this principle. Recruit young kids who don’t really know what they believe in, and let’s teach them how to become a gang banger. That is usually how gangs expand and begin. If we were to use the prejudice