Examples Of Conformity In The Crucible

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Protest and conformity. Many people have conformed to fit in due to the pressure, while others stand out to voice what they believe in. Have you ever been under pressure to speak out or conform to stay safe? I Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the people of Salem follow each other instead of speaking out against the other girls and tell that the lies are false accusing victims of witchcraft. Equivalently, the Red Scare is about how the Cold War caused people of the United States to protest as communists or to fit in and keeping safe as an anticommunist. Both have similar purposes. While Arthur Miller clearly wrote the play The Crucible to demonstrate is belief that an individual should never give up the power within him or herself, he also intended it to be an allegory for the Red Scare of the 1950’s called McCarthyism. …show more content…
In Salem, witchcraft from the Devil has appeared to be running lose sending spirits to torture girls. The Devil has supposedly taken over Mary Warren to conjure spirits up against Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams along with rest of the “victims” lie about being stabbed and being attacked by a little yellow bird hanging in the rafters of the courthouse. In the Red Scare, people are nervous about the threats from communists. J. Edgar Hoover, “fanned the flames of fear by wildly exaggerating” (Red Scare p. 2) about the threats and how the communists could possibly take over the United