Examples Of Critical Response Essay

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|Read the text thoroughly. |
|Spend time analyzing/evaluating the author’s argument based on the criteria we have discussed in class. |
|write a 2 page, double spaced, typed critical response to the reading that deepens your readers’ understanding of the debate. |
|use an original title. |
|refer to the author by full name on first mention and last name thereafter. |
|refer to paragraphs or pages in the text by number. |
|use quotes sparingly, and make sure quotes are exact and have two sets of quotation marks. |
|have a serious and focused tone. Write for a mature audience. |
|use active verbs, the present tense, and avoid phrases like "I think" or "In my opinion," which are unnecessary in a critical paper. |
| |
| |
|OBEJECTIVE: The objective of this assignment is to encourage your ability to think critically by engaging you in a careful, critical reading of an |
|article-length text. |
| |
|CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION: You will be graded on |
|your demonstration of an understanding of the author’s argument. |
|the logic, accuracy, and thoroughness of your analysis. |
|the strength and relevance of your claim. |
|the organization of your paper. |
|grammar, mechanics, and usage. |

DUE: Monday OCT 12, 2009