Examples Of Critical Thinking

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My example of an important decision that I had to use some critical thinking would have to be when I decided to change careers and become a dental instructor. I had been a chair side assistant for over 15 years and had always dreamed of being a teacher. About 10 years ago, I had an opportunity to teach but chickened out. I let my fear of failure take over my hearts desire and turns out my calling.

In November, I was working for an amazing dental office as a back office manager and used ex-terns from Kaplan College to help them train and prepare for their state board exams. To my surprise, I was offered the opportunity again to be an instructor. I had to really stop and analyze fully research this potential opportunity. After hours of research on the company and the dental program they had to offer, via the intranet and word of mouth, I had to ask myself, "Am I capable of doing this? Do I have what it takes to teach assistants to be the best they can? Is it worth giving up a great job and starting from scratch?"

I had to create a new way of thinking or working. I had to learn from delegating responsibilities and expecting my staff to know how to run a dental office, how to set up specific trays for procedures according to what each doctor wants, to realizing that my students have no idea what to do. I had to create a lesson plan, guide them and teach them.

Evaluating myself as a supervisor helped me to become a great teacher, I had to learn to use the skills that