Examples Of Destruction In The Crucible

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The Crucible was very controversial, there were several different incidents within the play. These incidents led to the end of hundreds of people's lives. The writer of this play used a great deal of conflict throughout the play. People were being convicted for being accused of doing witchcraft, some of whom didn't actually even know a thing about witchcraft. This clearly shows how corrupt and hateful some people were toward each other in The Crucible. Author Miller really demonstrated the amount of destruction a person can cause. With the power in the hands of the wrong person it can destroy a whole nation. The first person to be convicted was a lady named Tituba, Abigail accused this lady of witchcraft by stating “she’s always making me dream …show more content…
The courts believed Abigail so at this point Abigail has power over the prosecuted. One reason Abigail was lying was to try and convict John Proctors wife so that she could have him to herself. Abigail’s plan backfired when John shows her he wants nothing to do with her he even says “ I will cut my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again” (Miller,150) Abigail became so hurt that she began to really act out to get his attention. Furthermore, the conviction of witchcraft was taken very serious. In most cases the convicted citizens were sentenced to death if they did not confess, it didn’t make a difference if they did or didn't confess if they had to stand before Danforth. In court Danforth states that the courthouse “must rely on the victim” because the witch won't convict her or himself, therefore they must take the victim's word for it because witchcraft is an invisible crime (Miller, 188). Ongoing, Abigail was the one with all the power, she was the voice of the room she had everyone's attention and when she wanted to frame someone she simply faked the whole thing just to get them convicted and possibly