Examples Of Discrimination In Of Mice And Men

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One thing that all americans have in common, is their dream. The dream that america will hand them all the opportunities and tools to conquer those opportunities and challenges. Many immigrants come to america expecting that as long as they work hard they will be rewarded with luxury and success. But the reality of the american dream for many of these people, is that they will face challenges due to discrimination, social darwism , etc. The point of the american dream is that everyone will face challenges. But will be rewarded with hard work, but for some people this statement is not true. America does NOT provide the american dream for the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses. Discrimination due to race causes a major obstacle in the lifes of minorities in america trying to achieve the dream. It is also harder for the mentally and physically handicapped. …show more content…
In the Book “Of Mice And Men” ,it shows a good example of how discrimination holds back minority's from simple things . the character “crooks” is an African American worker , who stays with the group and works with them, although he is treated horribly , does not get the same benefits as the other men , such as being able to sleep where they do, and is harassed for his skin color . This shows how America doesn't provide the American dream for everyone equally because even tho crooks is working as hard as everyone else , he is held back from oppurtunity because of his skin color . It makes it nearly impossible for him to ever achieve his dreams