Examples Of Duality In The Call Of The Wild

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Duality in The Call of the Wild Buck, the protagonist in The Call of the Wild struggles throughout the story with the psychological conflict between Love and Savagery. The Love calls to him by people, and places. One of the people that shows him the most love is a man by the name of John Thornton. Buck is also pulled by “The Call of the Wild” or the call of Savagery. “... But Buck was neither house-dog nor kennel-dog. The whole realm was his.” (pg.12 paragraph 20) This quote from the beginning of the book shows that Buck has a good life, that he is well cared for. Then later on in the book “Francois called Buck to him, threw his arms around, and wept over him.” (pg.39, paragraph 5) Francois really loved and cared for Buck since he was