Examples Of Foolishness In Julius Caesar

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Mia Greer
Mr. Graham
Nov. 7, 2016
Foolishness a common theme

Sacha Guitry states our wisdom comes from our experience and our experience comes from our own foolishness. Foolishness comes from our own lack of judgement or good sense and is a theme in many stories. Two of these stories, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and the “Spinning Contest” by William F. Russell show many examples of foolishness. Foolishness means bad choices. Even though there may be other themes, it is clear that the theme of foolishness shows up most in these two stories.
The story Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare shows foolishness in many of the characters. Foolishness shows up without a doubt when the plebeians kill Cinna the poet. As the
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Russell the theme Foolishness shows clearly in the character Arachne. The theme foolishness shows up when Arachne, a character foolishly challenges Athena to a spinning contest. She was as arrogant as Julius Caesar. As stated in the text Arachne states, “ if she thinks her work is a match for mine let her put it to the test.”(Russell 65) This proves the theme is foolishness because she thinks she is a match for the immortal Athena. Clearly foolishness shows up without a doubt when Arachne tells everyone she will win. As stated in the text Arachne says, “ I stand by what I said and Athena knows full well it is the truth.”( Russell 66)This displays that the theme is foolishness because she keeps boasting that she is better and doesn’t care that Athena is immortal. Arachne displays foolishness not to mention when she wins and won’t let it go. As the text shows Arachne keeps boasting to Athena. (Russell 66) This proves the theme is foolishness because she is well aware that Athena is immortal and isn’t agreeable to losing. Clearly foolishness comes up in Julius Caesar and the “Spinning Contest” the most. Foolishness can lead to consequences and as the characters in these two stories demonstrated very well this is all caused by bad