Examples Of Free Writing

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Free Writing I am usually a rather introverted person, content with only a few really good friends that I can hang out with. This leads me to not usually speak my mind unless I am with those friends. One time when I was with my friends something happened and by instinct I said “dagger” It was simply a term that I had made up to summarize the situation because it can mean so many things. It is applicable to almost anything. Anyway, after I said it that first time I started saying it a lot more often while I was with my friends. I became more comfortable saying it so I said it around people outside of my close knit group of friends and believe it or not, some other people started saying it too. The best thing I ever heard about the word usage that I had created was when my friend Spencer came from a movie theatre and told me that someone had yelled out “DAGGER!!” during the movie and that was amazing because it meant that something I had created had come so far and it meant that I had officially made it a “thing” which I guess a little after I started saying it became my goal. Another thing that I am quite happy with was the first day that I created my signature four layer peanut butter sandwich. So, I have always been a very picky eater and because of that I preferred to eat peanut butter sandwiches without jelly. This usually led to rather small sandwiches so eventually I realized that I could just put another piece of bread on top of the second one but after eating it I was