Examples Of Freedom In America

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What is Freedom ?

First of all I will define what is freedom for me, after I will be more concentrate about freedom in America and will give some examples. Also I will give my opinion on what I think America can improve to increase freedom in the country.
In an other hand the impact of American freedom on other countries will be introduce and explain. I’m also gonna talk about the French freedom and do a little comparison with American freedom.
Freedom in my opinion is characterize by the capacity of acting, speaking or thinking without any restrictions. And if I need to give an example of what is the opposite of freedom, I’m thinking directly of the word slave, which is the total contrary of what is values of freedom and liberty.In America I think that the real freedom for every one start with the 13th amendment of the nation's constitution which was on February 1st 1865, when Abraham Lincoln, who was the president at the time, signed the resolution to stop the slavery. In United States of America, freedom is one of the most important value, with the freedom of religion which mean that a citizen can choose the religion of his choice or choose to not take any religion. Every men woman and children have the right of speech which is the right of express your opinion in the limit that people not use the freedom of speech for injuring others.
This right seems very logic and we can think that every one benefit of this right but it’s false, some countries like north Korea are not free to say what they want… I think that in


our time, in almost 2015, it’s a shame for a country to don’t give this right to their citizen.
In America the right of press is a part of freedom, each person can express their ideas through papers, books, magazines or any form of writings. The right of propriety is also for me one of the most important right, any person may take away anything that your own. The government can’t seize your land, money, or other forms of property without cause. One of the most interesting right and mostly for a foreigner is the opportunity to bear a weapon. In comparison, you can’t legally have a weapon at home if you’re not hunting with it and the weapon need to stay in his case. I think that the United States is probably one of the only country which authorize and give this freedom.
The right of a free education in a public school is also a very important right, cause in some countries, it’s practically impossible to disadvantage people to put their children in a school and give them the chance to have an education and in consequence the opportunity to have access to a good job and a good future.
In conclusion American have a lot of freedom and right in their favor, I just cite some but there are many others in the Bill of Right.
Apparently, President Obama and his Government are working in cooperation to improve the freedom of religion. I use a citation of the Secretary of State John F. Kerry who say that freedom of religion is “a priority for President Obama because it is essential to human dignity and individual liberty, and it remains an integral part of our global diplomatic engagement.” New reforms gonna improve the freedom of religion and hope reduce inter racial conflict.
The value of freedom is now acquired but what were the cost of this