Examples Of Guilt In The Crucible

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Guilt. /gilt/ Noun. 1. The fact of having committed a specified or implied offence or crime. In the book, The Crucible, guilt is portrayed a million different ways. Overall, there were 3 characters that stood out the most to me. Proctor, Hale, and Abigail all present guilt very will but for all very different reasons. Proctor portrays guilt very clearly. Proctor had an affair with Abigail and his wife, Elizabeth, found out. In act one, while talking to Abigail, he explained that he could barely even leave his house because he felt so guilty and Elizabeth had lost his trust. Proctor had even said he would cut off his hand before doing anything with Abigail again. Then, while in court because his wife was accused, he confessed to adultery. ‘“God help me, I lusted, there is a promise in such sweat.”’ (110) …show more content…
he has a lot of decisions to make because he has a lot of responsibility with the court. First of all, a lot of people are accused and may hang. Hale signed papers agreeing them to be hanged if they are found guilty. He needs evidence so he knows if these people are guilty or not. He feels guilty for being responsible for all these people's lives and the court is being very unreasonable and Hale is getting frustrated. Next, Hale was getting very overwhelmed with the court. They were jumping to conclusions and turning people's words to make them look guilty. “‘I denounce these proceedings. I quit this court!’” (120) This shows that Hale felt guilty for being responsible for these people’s lives and the court wouldn’t get proper evidence to he quit. Lastly, Hales guilt changed from himself to other people. He feels guilty that he signed for people to get hung but now he is guilty for the people who have been accused because he knows they’re innocent. In act 4, he describes the condition of the town and peoples land and homes. Hales guilt changes towards the end of the story for other