Examples Of Imperialism In Persepolis

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Throughout the book Persepolis, Marjane had many personal experiences with She is effected in a different and unique ways during this 8 year period.

This image is a representation of Revolution. In the photo, a group of Iranian soldiers is commemorating the soldiers who died in the war against Iraq in 1980-1988, better known as the Islamic Revolution. The people who were killed were not only soldiers but innocent people; some of which Marjane knew and loved. For instance, her Uncle Anoosh was imprisoned and then killed. This event directly affected Marjane because it helped shape her into the girl she became. She became more outspoken and courageous which caused her rebellious behavior towards the middle of the book. It also caused her to not desire to become a prophet anymore, once Anoosh was gone so was the want to be a prophet.

This image is a representation of Imperialism. In this picture a dog trainer is teaching the dog new skills. Much like imperialism, the trainer represents a country or a
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The picture explains that poor teenage boys who are sent to fight in the war, are given a plastic gold painted key, and are told that if they are lucky enough to die, that this key will give them a better life, into heaven. The boys would wear the keys around their necks and if they were to die at battle, they thought they would be sent up to heaven. It wasn't their fault that they were being lied too, it was the people who told them the lies. They told innocent teens that the key was sure to work and many believed them. But once the boys died, so did their innocence. This affected Marjane because it made her realize that even though the war was going on and she was being forced to wear a veil, and having to live in fear of being bombed or even dying, that the boys who were being tricked into the war had it worse. They were told lies just so Iran had enough people to fight and a stronger