Examples Of Informal Corrections

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Within the criminal justice system, balancing protecting public safety versus individual rights becomes extremely difficult. The crime control (public order) model emphasizes fighting crime and helping potential victims. However, the due process model is focused on protecting individuals from the abuse of power by the government. James A. Fagin (2015) states, “Society uses several means to balance conflicting rights and social values. These means can be divided into informal and formal sanctions” (p.2). Informal sanctions are the social norms enforced through the social forces. Whereas, formal sanctions are social norms enforced through laws from the criminal justice system. Some examples of informal sanctions are punishing children for disobedience or bosses getting after employees (Fagin, 2015). …show more content…
The more alike a society is, the less problems they will have with following the social norms. However, the United States is not like this because there is a lot of diversity in this country. This would result in a balance between protecting public safety and protecting individual rights. Order maintenance is activities by law enforcement that help resolve conflicts and deal with interactions of citizens, this protects the public’s safety. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence limit the powers of the government and protect an individual’s rights. So many people were in fear of crime that they were willing to do whatever it took to bring in a criminal. Even if it compromised an individual’s rights and this is the crime-control (public-order) model. On the other end, the due process model was there to make sure that a person’s individual rights were protected from the abuse of power by the