Examples Of Innocence In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller's drama The Crucible takes place in Salem Massachusetts 1692. In this story there were many strict laws which the Puritans lived by, the children were to be seen and not heard. Any whisper of witchcraft sent you to the rope, or worse. A group of girls cried that they were conjured by the Devil, and began to accuse innocent people that they too were with the Devil, and additionally caused many hangings to take place. In suspicion, the girls happened to accuse people of whom their families or themselves disliked. As ridiculous as this might sound people back then were naive to find true evidence. It was an “invisible crime” , and the girls were the courts only source. Due to the fact that, innocence is purely judged by yourself and what you believe is true. However, the pressure of society can cause a curve in one's truthfulness. In The Crucible Arthur Miller Shines a light upon a world that battles between light and dark. …show more content…
A wall begins to build from what is right and what is wrong. It is commonly known that everyone has their innocence until they are proven guilty, but this is something Salem lacked. In the play there is little to no evidence of witchcraft, so when the false girls accused good people. The court has no choice but to put that person on trial. The accused have one of two choices, confess to their sins or die, but if they’re innocent how must they live with themselves to tell a lie of such greatness. The lies that are told by children cause the souls of the men of power to become blackened. Only yourself can know your true innocence and self respect, but having such harassment of your goodness can cause any person to fall into the dark and believe