Examples Of Insanity In The Tale Tell Heart

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The Sanity and Insanity of the Narrator of The Tale Tell Heart

We are all crazy, we are just crazy in our own special ways. The Narrator of “The Tale Tell Heart” shows this to be all to true. “Why do you fancy me crazy?” (poe.203) Many say that he is sane, but i think that he is deranged. He shows how mad he is by his actions. The way of him showing this is that he killed an old man in fear of the old man’s blind eye. He states “He never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold i had no desire. I think it was the eye! Yes it was the eye. (poe.203) As he killed the old man in the heat of the moment he thought that he could hear the old man’s heart but it was his own heart beating. He says “I knew what the old man