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Interview Question
I have actually asked people before like if they didn’t know me what their first impressions of me would be. Some of them said weird things like that I am intimidating, I have no idea where people would get that from? I’m actually really nice and I think I’m pretty funny. Other people agree with me when I say that I’m funny, I know I got good jokes from time to time. I’ve also gotten that I am outgoing, or that I’m fun to be around which are basically the same thing. Oh! I’ve heard that I look stuck up, like if someone were to come up and talk to me I would be all mean and like rude. If I were to step out of my body and take a look at me, I feel like I would want to be my friend. People with pretty smiles are always nice, and I have been told that I have a nice smile. I would also think that I am cool because I kind of have a lot of friends. If I don’t know anyone it won’t take long for me to make some. So usually when you see someone have a lot of friends it makes you want to be there friend too. I would definitely look at my sense of style. What people wear tells a lot about the person, especially now a days the way you dress has a lot to say. I would say that I look like a pretty chill person. I try to dress cute but chill if that makes any sense I like to be in style but in my own way. I think that’s about it, I feel like that sums up like a broad description of me or how I would look at myself.