Examples Of Intragenerational Mobility

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Social mobility is defined as the changes in the occupational distributions of society. This can further be broken down into intragenerational and intergenerational mobility. Intragenerational mobility describes changes in an individual's occupational prestige throughout their lifetime (Beeghley). For example, a man goes to college and graduates with a degree in business. With that degree he opens up a coffee shop. As the coffee shop gains popularity, the man expands his business. After more stores began to thrive, he sells parts of his company to investors and ultimately ends up selling it to another company. He becomes CEO of the newly owned coffee shop chain. In terms of social mobility, the man went from being middle class with a small thriving business to being in upper class with white collar job as a CEO. Intergenerational mobility depicts the changes in occupational prestige over the period of generations. An example of this could be a farmer with a young child. As the child grows, the farmer works harder and harder to make more money to afford schooling for the child. The child goes off to college and earns a degree in education, later becoming a high school teacher. The difference in the job prestige of the father and son show how the father's hard …show more content…
In his speech during the Democratic National Convention, he speaks of his grandmother, Victoria’s, journey to America and how her hard work has led to where he and his brother stand today. As a young girl, Victoria was brought to America from Mexico to live with relatives. After completing fourth grade, Victoria was forced to drop out of school to help earn money for her family. From then on, she worked as a babysitter, maid, and cook to make ends meet. As a result of her hard work, Victoria was able to rent a house and make a life for her daughter, Castro’s mother,