Examples Of Leadership Analysis Essay

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Leadership Self-Assessment: Readiness (p.11)
Score 75
Interpretation 60-89: Moderate readiness for a leadership role. I see myself being able take up challenging role as a leader. I will be ready to implement important decisions with the help of other team members, and I will see myself as a team player.
Skill Development In order to improve on my leadership skills, I must overcome challenging roles, and also learn from it. I will also learn from experienced supervisors. I will also take up the leading roles in leadership assignment, most especially when it comes to group work.
Leadership Self-Assessment: Task Orientation (p.115)
Score 8
Interpretation This shows
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(2014, July 26) Retrieved from http://topics.wsj.com/person/b/jeff-bezos/698PART 3: STYLE ANALYSIS OF JEFF BEZOS

Leadership Style of Jeff Bezos (p. 122)
Style Entrepreneur leadership
Evidence Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. That is why he is one of the few billionaires in the world. Amazon was his concept, he was a pioneer for ecommerce, and he turned it to multi-billion dollar industry. Most of the ideas where based on his own choices, he started Amazon from his garage, he made the decision to buy Washington Post, he invented Kindle fire a portable tablet. I see him as a visionary leader, he conveys his decision making to his employees, I have never heard of employees introducing their own invention to Amazon Int, he demands a lot from his employees to meet up with his expectation. He is a micromanager, he makes most decisions. He personally allowed other retailers to sell their products on Amazon by so doing his company earns commission from each sale. After the invention of Kindle fire, he stills talks about his aspirations and future plans.
Rationale for style He is a visionary person, ready to take risk. As an entrepreneur he must do his best for his business to survive. Find himself in a competitive market will make him a very proactive leader, most decision making will be done by him.
Contingency Approach of Jeff Bezos (Chp. 5)
Does he have a contingency approach to leadership Jeff Bezos do have