Examples Of Misogyny In The Crucible

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In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the prosecuting girls faced vast arrays of misogyny. A norm back in their time, but would face great repercussions in this day and age.
In the most simplest form of examples, John Proctor met with Abigail Williams in the woods during Act 2 Scene 2, page 143. “...or I will make you famous for the whore you are!” Proctor yells at Abigail Williams after discussing how Williams is only causing mayhem among Salem for his (Proctor’s) love. Prior to this get together or even before the entire Salem Witch Trials began, Proctor and Williams would mingle, Proctor's wife was unknowing. Now that you know the backstory to what happened prior to the quote as evidence. Now it is possible to look back and understand that