Examples Of My Strength

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Strength resembles power, maturity, dominance, and growth; which are factors that I believe relates to me. On the other hand, weak is defined as lacking the power to perform physically demanding tests; lacking physical strength and energy. I am perfectly imperfect which means I possess strengths and weaknesses. Three of my most significant strengths are confidence, independence, and my strength. I would consider myself as being confident simply because I know with the help of God anything is possible. I’m certain that I will successfully succeed in my life because for my hunger for success. My goals and ambitions are my starting blocks as well as my focus points. The term I would use to sum this up would be “believer”. I believe that someday my colleagues as well as my mentors will look back and say: “ I wonder how Dr.Wilson is doing”. I’m really not the type to second guess myself simply stop, think, and roll with the punches. Throughout life we’re all faced with stumbling blocks that are meant to hinder, stop or postpone our plans, but I refuse. I’m confident that my journey will go as planned.
Being independent is another strength of mine. I have no problem working with other. In fact, I work very well in groups, but I wouldn’t say that I am limited to it. There are many people who prefer to work in groups, being that it’s the only way they have the best preparation. However, I love to work alone. The work scene isn’t the only place I show my independence, but I commonly like to try new things on my own. I love to do everything on my own, but I have no problem with others assisting. Regardless if it’s building a playhouse, working, finding a new job, or buying a new house, I can get it done alone. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to be accompanied by my family and friends and even cook dinner with my mom, I’m just revealing that I don’t like to depend on others. I believe the more independent I am, the stronger I become.
I would consider myself strong because I strive to overcome all battles, negative influences, distractions, and any other issues. In order to succeed in life you must stand to be strong in some way, because you have to remember that you’re trying to get where some people already are. I believe I’m a strong person because I’ve grown to face many challenges in life at a very young age. A lot of situations most people deal with may tear them down, hurt them, destroy confidence and more.
Now I wouldn’t say that “I’m built ford tough”, but this skin I’m in prospers against bumps and bruises. No matter how confident, independent and