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Well, the primary reason why we chose this was because that it interested us. It had so many conflicts that contradicted with each other, basically a cause and effect chain reaction. Another reason is how complex the whole event is, considering a world war was in progress and that had caused the beginning of this one. Also, what had happened in the Japanese American war was that there were many ups and downs to it, bombings of America, then Japan, the war itself and the end of it.
How we conducted research: Now that I look back upon it, I realize how long it took me to find that perfect source to include. What I did was that I took my topic and searched it on the internet, a bunch of websites came up, but I mostly focused my attention to diaries, stories, flyers, newspaper articles, and other directly made sources. The second time around, I looked for biographies, antiques, weapons, and ideas.

How I developed my website:
I developed this website by linking together thoughts and ideas and having it set out in a neutral way, meaning I was not going to be biased and/or lean to a side. I'd say I've done a fantastic job depicting that and there were a couple of things that might need improvement, nonetheless I'm very satisfied with it. I've also made sure to plug in details and provide evidence of any cruelty, or overreactions..

How my website relates to the theme:
My website related to the theme because it has shown what had to be done, and who was responsible for