Examples Of Observation On Depression

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Khaled Adam
Angie Carter
Sep, 08, 2013

My first observation is when I was at my English class last semester; one girl asked the teacher that she is going to write about depression in early twenty in both genders girls and boys. I surprised and ask my self is boys and girls at this age get depressed? I could not believe her. When the class done, I stopped the girl and asked her, do you really want to talk about this article? And are really boys and girls in this age are feeling depressed? She responded me with big “yes” and sadly face “and unfortunately I am one of them”. One day in the past I saw a short movie on TV that’s talking about children driving their cars (electronic cars for children) and there is one sitting on his chair and could not join them bot because he does not have one because he is a boy with disabilities. So one of the children carries him and let him play and enjoying time with other children. Boys are caring and incent. The question why most of us being tuff and mean when we got older is is life or our insides hated every action? Today at the airport old man from somewhere in the world coming outside of the USA and he had a problem how to get his next flight at O’Hare airport, this next flight supposed to take him to his sun in New York and he does not how to speak English. From what I notice he just saw some guys speak his language, he jumped to them and asked “can someone help me to get the gat that will allow me to travel to my son?” no body from those young care. I hold this old man hand and showed him the gate he should travel from. If I could not do anything that will change the world I can at least help to be satisfied with myself. I have read one of my favorites book which talk about changing our life, the writer wrote about why people trying to mislead the other who not read or even research about what they hear or barely know about something. Her story is about the astronaut Armstrong that long time ago while he is traveling Egypt stops him and spends some days in it, and while he is walking he heard the Muslim call to pray so he became a Muslim. All people being…