Examples Of Paradoxes In George Orwell's '1984'

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Paradoxes create an important part of George Orwell’s 1984 because the story revolves around The Party. The Party’s slogan consists of three paradoxes. Although the Party’s paradoxes create the main part of the story one can believe that Katherine’s paradox overshadows The Party and readers should not ignore it. Katherine’s paradox lies with her husband because The Party forces them into this marriage. The Party only allows marriage for begetting children to work for The Party. One may find a more important paradox than The Party’s slogans because it demonstrates an actual relationship that does not follow The Party’s specific rules and The Party’s slogans for the common people exist so Katherine and Winston’s relationship remains legal. …show more content…
For example, on page 66 it reads, “He thought of Katherine again. It must be nine, ten-eleven years since they had parted. They had only been together for fifteen months” (Orwell 66). Katherine and Winston separated but did not legally divorce because The Party’s rules forbid it. Katherine devotes herself to The Party’s rules so she kept trying to conceive a child with Winston for 15 months until they gave up and separated. On page 66 The Party’s rules state, “The Party did not permit divorce, but rather encourage separation in cases where there were no children” (Orwell 66). This statement about The Party’s rules is contradicting to The Party’s beliefs because The Party wants only wants kids conceived out of a marriage yet they won’t let couples that can’t have a child get a divorce and get married to someone else to have a child. On page 67 Winston expresses Katherine’s extreme devotion to The Party when he says, “She even used to remind him of it in the morning, as something which had to be done that evening and which must not be forgotten. She had two names for it. One was making a baby and the other was our duty to The Party” (Orwell 67). Katherine was extremely devoted to The Party to the point where she’d refer to trying to have a baby as “a duty” to The Party so she felt the need to try and have a baby every night. With