Examples Of Parallelism In The Crucible

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Many governments in the past and present have tried to dictate others actions. They have caused much despair for not only those being prosecuted, but also their families. John Proctor and David Merrill are just one example of the dictatorships throughout history. Both of these men were falsely accused of things they were absolutely innocent of. Governments falsely dictate innocent people's lives, because they have the power to do so. Guilty by Suspicion and The Crucible, both demonstrate examples of this parallelism. Although Guilty by suspicion was based off communism, while The Crucible was based off the church and court, they both demonstrate how their governments were corrupt during this time. In guilty by suspicion David Merrill is accused of being a communist after attending two communist meetings years ago …show more content…
Both characters, Mr. Proctor and Mr. Merrill were being dictated by their government even though they were innocent. They were being falsely accused based upon suspicions of their governments. Although they were being falsely accused neither man would testify anything bad or demeaning towards another person, or anything that was untrue about themselves. These two were honest and trustworthy men that had been forced into situations that hindered their abilities in the community. These are two very parallel characters. Mr. Proctor and Mr. Merrill had focused on remaining true to their beliefs of honesty. They stayed tried and true to what they knew, even though they could have easily turned others in for false accusations to take their place. The Crucible and Guilty by Suspicion show how corrupt the government was. Both the court in The Crucible and The government in Guilty by Suspicion have shown what problems have occurred throughout history and how it remains similar in many ways. These titles were parallel in such that they were both being falsely accused of crimes they had not