Examples Of Parallelism In The Kite Runner

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Hosseini is an amazing writer and uses literary devices to his advantage. The theme of The Kite Runner develops mainly because of the parallelism the author uses to write the novel. There are 3 main ongoing themes throughout the book; sacrifice, loyalty, and violence. Parallelism contributes to the development of all three themes.
Sacrifice is a major theme shown in the relationships between Amir and the people close to him. Hassan is prepared to do anything for Amir’s happiness, such as eat dirt for Amir. After his birthday, Amir hid money and a watch he received under Hassan’s mattress to frame him so that Baba would ask Hassan and Ali to leave, in this case Amir sacrificed his own money for selfish reasons. Later on in the novel Wahid’s sons are looking at his watch so he gives it to them. He also puts money under the mattress to help, not get anyone in trouble. This shows the development of Amir, as he is now willing to sacrifice his small amount of money for others, not for himself.
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He also reveals the violence the country is suffering. The parallelism written into the book helps the development in the theme of violence. Violence pervades the novel, Hassan uses his slingshot to defend Amir; threatening to give the nickname "one eyed Assef" to Assef if didn't back off. Sohrab uses his slingshot to hit Assef eye, blinding him, and therefore fulfilling his father’s threat. Also, saving Amir, as did Hassan. The novel revolves around one main act of violence, Hassan's rape. Assef rapes Hassan because he hates Hazaras and because he wants revenge on Hassan for threatening him with his slingshot. While Amir watches from around the corner, too afraid to protect Hassan. Parallely, Assef rapes Sohrab because he is Hassan’s son and because he is weak. These occurrences both alter Amir’s life. The parallelism throughout the book shows how the theme of violence does not end, it only