Examples Of Pathos In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Animal farm by George Orwell appeals to Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. There are many examples of these appeals that attract the audience into wanting to continue reading. Orwell does a good job of drawing the readers in by connecting to them emotionally, logically and also by having a good reputation. This story contains many speeches that relate to the wise words of multiple world leaders.
Animal Farm connects to Ethos because George Orwell has made it known to his readers that he is a great author. With multiple best selling books comes great credibility. Knowing he has had such success in the past creates a bigger crowd of readers. George Orwell has very interesting author and has many different styles in each of his books. This is one of the reasons that keep people reading and wanting to continue reading his other books. There are multiple Ethos used inside of the story also. Old Major gave a speech about his dream from the night before. He talked about how he saw the farm and that he was not going to live for much longer. Old Major was persuading the rest to change and something great was in there future. This book connects to the readers Pathos because the book connects on an emotional level in multiple different things. A lot of people in this world like to

Card 2 connect the speeches made by the powerful Napoleon to many different powerful speeches in the world. Even though this book is not true, it has tons of connections to war, which had happened around the time that the book was written. I believe the author George Orwell connected Napoleon to Stalin in different ways, like having very powerful speeches to persuade the others to jump on his bandwagon when in the end he did not want to help them; he was just looking out for himself. Old major was a very manipulative creature. Also in other very powerful speeches made by Old Major stating that everyone should be free and do what they want. Also another very important appeal to Pathos inside of the story Animal farm is how Napoleon always said the word comrade to get the rest