Examples Of Perseverance In The Call Of The Wild

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Struggling through unfairness and growing because of it, perseverance is often necessary. In The Call of The Wild,Buck must suffer through many unfair circumstances and persevere through pain and nature’s worst. Conversely, my mother persevered through a mental battle of unfairness as opposed to a physical one. While my mother and Buck had to fight different battles, they both had to persevere through the struggle of unfairness. Although persevering through biased situations can be incredibly trying, these experiences can help shape a person's future. When pitted against nature’s worst, Buck must deal with many inexcusable and painful scenarios that will push him to his limits and force him to grow stronger. One example of this takes place on the harsh mail trail, one of Buck’s most trying experiences. In order to survive, Buck had to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. Additionally, he was forced to become more of a leader, and push others harder. Similarly, when abducted, Buck is forced into an unfair situation where dogs die. Not only does he learn that he can’t be weak, he also has to grow stronger in order to survive the harsh conditions unreasonably put before him. Furthermore, Buck is immorally summoned by the wild. Correspondingly, he had to resist his …show more content…
My mother and Buck both had to fight through unfairness, but they were both able to grow because of these trying experiences. Despite both fighting through unfairness, they fought different battles that would have had very different consequences if lost. Although fighting through battles where one must persevere is perhaps one of the most challenging things in life, it is also one of the most helpful. Everyone goes through a challenging time in their life, but by learning and growing because of it, they are able to turn that challenge into their greatest