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Name:Susana otero
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Personal Statement
I was born in Cuba, “the Earth more beautiful than human eyes have seen”, in a beautiful, full property of palms, flowers, where there were many fruit trees, vegetable and in a very united and loving family. In that house I turned my 15 years.
As of that moment my life change radically. When was small not gave me account of problems which they existed in my country and to which my parents faced every day , but when entering the adolescence, little by little I began to include/understand everything what it was happening and that my country was not the paradise that I had imagined. For example, most of the news in the written press, radio or televising they were manipulated lies or, they were created by a group of “people” who control the country, which live with a high standard of life at the cost of the deceived and manipulated people.

Due to the ideological confrontation of my parents with the existing regime I began to

undergo the consequences and began the obstacles and penalties in my life. My father and my mother were dismissed of their works. My father was dismissed in spite of being a person very prepared and with a high level of education and training, of unjust way. Like consequence, this

he takes it, after a time to look for work uselessly, to try to look for a better future in another country, for him and its family.
My father, without I to know it with certainty, attempt to leave the country of clandestine form in several occasions, even putting in danger its life. After several attempt it profit. He arrived to the USA in 2012. I in that time it did not know when it could return to see my Dad again. All this towards my longer nights and filled of tears my eyes. All that suffering produced a disease to me of the nerves that affected my skin, call “psoriasis”.
During almost two years single it communicated to me with my father by mail, email and some telephone calls. Throughout that time I surprised it much and he did much lack to me.
He was the more important person in my life, he advised to me, helped me with the tasks of my school, talked with me on subjects in which it had doubts, he was my best friend.

At the end of the year 2013 my mom said to me that we were going to travel. At the end

of that trip we would meet with my Dad and my step brother, who also lived in the USA. When my mom said to me that it would return to meet with them the only that i thought was in my Dad and my brother and never I pass through the mind all the consequences to me that this would have to leave my friends and part of my family, and let behind everything that i knew would become part of my past

At December of 2013 me and my mom began the trip towards a better future, but never

we imagined the obstacles who we would have to confront in the way, the cold one, the hunger, the troubles were the bread that to us every day fed, but in spite of that me and my mom

followed with the same force from of start, with the desire to reunite our family and to begin all together a new life.
When I to step on this country for the first time, never imagines that my new city was a place to me just as which, I saw this city in the films, plenty of lights, stores and beautiful places that never I believed to see, but the reunion with my family were the happier moment than I have had in my life , think about a new one